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3ality Digital 3flex 3D Camera Rigs

3ality Digital is a 3D content production, display, and related technology company created by visionaries with years of experience in the entertainment world who wish to bring the professional 3D solutions for all their needs. They “develop advanced technologies to create an immersive 3D experience.”* 3ality Digital was part of U2 3D, the first feature film shot entirely in live-action 3D; the first live 3D broadcast of an NFL game: Raiders vs. Chargers; the BCS Championship, first live 3D consumer broadcast of a sports event; SoBe Lizard Lake ad, the first commerical shot in digital 3D; Chuck, NBC’s comedic spy thriller which was the first scripted television production shot entirely in live-action digital 3D. As you can see, 3ality Digital has joined with major companies like RealD, Fox Sports, Sony, Cinedigm, NFL, NBC, and more to be at the front line in creating the first of many projects in 3D across many mediums. Steve Schklair is on the Executive Team with 3ality Digital and is CEO of 3ality Digital Systems, which is the technology and production arm of 3ality Digital. Steve’s long history in the entertainment and technology world has spanned most of his career. His focus is to develop and produce new digital 3D motion picture technologies and also on the real-time broadcast of 3D programming. He has worked with top players in the entertainment world to bring digital and live action 3D to them. 3ality Digital developed the 3flex line of 3D camera rigs, which Steve commented, “Our objective is to supply broadcasters and content creators with professional level tools, technologies, and information that that integrate well with existing workflows and production methodologies.” 3ality Digital’s 3flex 3D camera rigs consist of three rig models: TS-2 Camera Rig System, TS-3 Camera Rig System, and TS-4 Camera Rig System. Gary Ushino, head of 3ality Digital Systems’ camera division, said, “Each of these rigs has played an integral role in our groundbreaking live‐action 3D projects, from U2 3D to the first‐ever live digital 3D broadcast of an NFL game in December 2008. The rigs incorporate easily into existing systems and deliver exceptional performance under a wide range of demanding conditions. The versatility and quality of the rigs enabled us to do an average of 40 setups a day ‐ and as many as 47 ‐ on the shoot of Chuck vs. The Third Dimension for NBC.” 3ality Digital will begin taking immediate orders for manufacturing with an expected delivery date of late summer to early fall of 2009. More information is available at the 3ality Digital website. Stay tune to 3D Guy part 2 of our interview with Steve Schklair from 3ality Digital to discuss 3D training classes and certifications and giant 3D LED screens. *

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