3D at CES 2012: 3D Everywhere!

3D capability is being added to many platforms to enhance consumers’ entertainment, communication, and learning experiences.


3D Everywhere! Trends & Stats

The introduction of stereoscopic 3D into theaters, games and television has enhanced the ability to create a virtual reality that is more immersive and closer to reality than 2D programming for entertainment purposes. The general enthusiasm and acceptance for the format has ignited a desire for 3D capability on other electronic devices and its use in conveying real world concepts.


3D Everywhere! describes the move to design 3D capability into products like tablets, phones, monitors, classroom projectors, workplace monitors and more. Like any technology introduction, it is likely to morph in user-interface, form factor and basic technology over time.


3D affects many aspects of the entertainment and professional technology eco-systems. The suggestion that the adoption of 3D is slower than predicted and unlikely to meet expectations is short-sighted and doesn’t take into effect the complexity or technology development curves.


Based on the following market statistics, 3D adoption is strong and is expected to continue at a strong pace:
The TV Maker Perspective


3DTV update in its first year outpaced HDTV and Blu-ray in their first years with 1.2 million units. Source: NPD
Two million units were sold in the first 10 months of 2011 in the U.S., and were expected to reach 3 million by December 31. 2012 projections are for the sale of 6 million units. Source: NPD

For January 2011 through October 2011, 9% of all television purchases were 3D-enabled. At 40″+ units, 18% were 3D-enabled, and at 50″+, 34% have a 3D feature. Source: NPD
For 2012, 40% of big screen televisions sold in the U.S. will be 3D enabled. Source: NPD


3D Glasses Perspective

The price of active 3D eyewear has dropped dramatically. Entry-level battery-powered glasses were $120 per pair in 2010 are now available for $30.

Passive 3DTVs made up 12% of the 3DTV market in 2011, steadily growing month over month so that in October, they made up 18% of units. Source: NPD

Industry has settled on a standard for 3D active glasses. When product is launched in 2012, it will be cross-brand compatible and use the 3DFull HD Consortium logo.


Mobile 3D Perspective

Growth of mobile devices will help fuel demand for content and give consumers more screens equipped to play content 3D mobile devices will surpass 148 million units in 2015. Source: InStat

Nearly 30% of all handheld game consoles will be 3D by 2015. Source: InStat

In 2012, notebook PCs will be the first 3D enabled mobile device to reach 1 million units.

By 2014, 18% of all tablets will be 3D. Source: InStat


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