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2D is the shorter and easily recognizable way of writing two dimensional. 2D relates to an object or image which has no depth. Instead it only has two dimensions, width and height.

2D signal processing
Signal processing is a term which is used when describing 3D and 2D signals which receive the same processing pattern, and the systems processor does not need to know what type of signal (2D or 3D) is being processed.

Similar to 2D, 3D stands for three dimensional. A 3D object appears to have three dimensions; width, height, and depth.

3D adjustment setting
Adjusting the settings simply changes the depth of any objects that are visible on a 3D view screen.

A 3D DVD is quite simply just a DVD film recorded with 3D technology, and it allows the on screen actions to appear as if they are reaching out of the screen.

3D format conversion
Is the process of changing one 3D video format into another.

3D rendering
Is a process within which the computer will produce an image based on the 3D data which has been inputted to the system.

3D Story board
3d story board is visual layout of the movie where the depth is presented in the drawings. For simple layouts, using different brushes thicknesses. Thinner lines behind the screens and bolder lines in front.

3D viewing
Viewing an image in 3D with the correct glasses to experience stereoscopic vision and binocular depth perception.

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