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Depth Budget
Using the screen size and the resolution of the production you are able to calculate the infinity and half distance parallax, measured in hpp. It is also referred to as native screen pixel parallax.

Depth Perception
Also referred to as stereo vision and stereopsis. Depth Perception refers to the ability to see in 3D to allow us to be able to judge the distances of objects and features.

Depth range
Depth Range is a definition that can be applied to stereoscopic images created using cameras.

Depth Script
Depth script is a pictorial description in chart or text form that shows the amount of depth throughout the movie or video.
A detailed depth chart will denote screen plane negative parallax and positive parallax in way form with descriptions of the scenes.

Diplopia, otherwise known as ‘Double Vision’, is caused in stereo viewing when the left and right homologues remain separated rather than being fused into one whole, single image.

A hardware abstraction layer API from Microsoft that is integral to the Windows operating system. The DirectX hardware abstraction layer API from Microsoft is integral to any Windows operating system. The Direct X standard includes Direct3D, DirectSound, DirectDraw, Direct Video, DirectPlay, and DirectInput. NVIDIA technologies were licensed by Microsoft for the latest version of the Direct X technology, in order to add programmability to the API.

Disparate images
This term refers to a set of images that fail to work as a stereogram due to reasons such as, masking, mismatched camera lenses or even due to distortion.

This is the distance between points on overlaid retinas, sometimes known as retinal disparity. A correlating term for the display screen is a ‘parallax’.

Disparity Difference
The parallax between images depicting the same scene, however it was acquired from two different viewing angles. The disparity between homologous points is used to compute the elevation.

This is caused by the accidental, or on some occasions deliberate misalignment of homologues in a stereogram. When accidentally done it is often due to the movement of two frames on the mount from their specified positions.

An image becomes distorted when any change in the original shape of an image occurs, and changes its appearance from the ideal/perfect form. In stereo, it is usually due to an over exaggeration or reduction to the front to back dimension.

Refers to the human eyes ability to turn outwards together allowing them to both look further away. Divergence is the exact opposite of convergence. As discussed in convergence, it is essential for efficient learning and general visual performance .

Drivers are simply just software that enables the communication between a computers graphics processor and the rest of the system. Software drivers are constantly updated to help improve a systems performance, quality, and to enable many new features.

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