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Ghosting is a term caused by the perception of crosstalk. Ghosting is a condition that happens when the right eye sees a part of the left eyes image, or the left eye with the rights. If this happens, ghosting will occur and will cause a very faint double image to appear on the screen.

This term is used when describing the impression of an enlarged size of an object (or objects) in a stereo image. Giantism is caused due to the use of a stereo base separation that is less than normal for the focal length of the lens. Also see hypostereo.

Graphics Processing Unit
A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a high performance three dimensional processed that can integrate the entire 3D needs. The GPU handles the rendering, lighting, setup and transformation of the 3D pipeline. It offloads all 3D calculations from the CPU, which then frees the CPU enabling it to work on other functions such as artificial intelligence and physics.

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