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Image splitter
An image splitter is a device placed at the front of a lens, that by using mirrors or prisms splits the image captured into to halves, which become the two images of a stereoscopic pair. The image splitter is also known as a frame splitter and a beam splitter.

Immersive is a term used when describing a system that is designed to shroud the participant in a virtual world. Visual immersion is the most common feature as it can be reached easily and effectively by using a large screen. However, the amount of immersion the user wants to feel, depends on upon many factors.

Interaxial distance and Interaxial separation
These terms refer to the distance situated between the camera lenses’ axes.

This is a type of video stream that is built up with even and odd lines or sometimes even in columns. Regular television signals such as NTSC and PAL have interlace signals which are built up of two odd and even line images which are known as fields. These fields are used to store stereoscopic left and right images which is a technique found on 3D DVDs, despite it halving the vertical resolution of the video.

Inter lens separation
Similar to base stereo, inter lens separation is the distance between the optical centers of two lenses of a stereo camera or a stereoscope.

Interocular is a term used to refer to the space between (or within) the eyes. It is the interocular distance that is situated between the eyes.

Interocular adjustment
In some stereo viewers this is a provision that allows for the adjustment of the space between the lenses of the viewer to correspond with an image’s infinity separation and sometimes even the distance between the audiences eyes.

Interocular distance
Interocular distance is the separation between the two optical centers of a twin lens stereo viewer.

Interpupilary distance
Interpupilary separation
Inte rocular separation

These terms refer to the distance found between the centers of the pupils when vision is at infinity. These are able to range from 55 to 75mm in adults, however the average is mainly around 65mm, which is the distance used for resolving viewer designs and calculations.

Inversion is a term used for a visual effect that can be achieved when a stereographs plane of depth are viewed in a reverse order. It is also known as ‘pseudostereo’.

IR transmitter
An IR transmitter is a device that can send synchronization signals to wireless shutter spectacles.

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