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Lenticular is a term used by Brewster to describe his lensed stereoscope. In stereo, the term lenticular is used to describe the following; (1) a projection screen which has a surface built up of tiny silvered convex surfaces which are able to spread the reflected polarized light to increase the viewing angle. (2) A method of producing a depth effect without the need for specialist viewing equipment. It is done through using an overlay of semi-cylindrical lens-type materials which perfectly match alternating left and right images on a specially-produced print; this then enables each eye to see just one image from any viewing position, like with an autostereogram.

Lenticular screen
A lenticular screen is a projection screen that has embossed vertical lines for its finish as opposed to the emery board finish which is extremely common. However they do tend to cost more. A silvered version is essential for 3D project because any white screen will not keep the polarization of the images reflected off it.

Is the jargon term for a smaller model appearance which is a result from using a wider than normal stereo base in hyperstereography.

Linear polarization
This is a form of polarized light. With this, the top of the electric vector belonging to the polarized light ray stays confined to its plane.

Lorgnettes are a handheld set of lenses that assists people to view stereographs

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