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Near point
This is the feature within a stereo images that will appear to be the nearest to the audience.

Near point of accommodation
This is the nearest point to the eyes that reading material can be read. Depending upon a person’s age the distance will vary. Usually it is measured in each eye separately, then both together, then the results are put together and a comparison is made.

Nimslo is a brand name taken from the surnames of its inventors, Jerry Nims and Allen Lo. The brand name is for a camera system that is aimed primarily to create lenticular autostereo prints by using four lenses to record the same amount of images onto 35mm film. Usually the name is used to help identify the size of mask or mount developed to hold 4-perforation-wide pairs or transparencies that are created with this camera and its derivatives.

Nimslo format
The Nimslo format is one that uses stereo pairs of 4.5 perforations for ever images width. This is equivalent to a half frame and can be used with Nimslo and Nishika stereo cameras. With some cameras beamsplitters use a 4 perforation format, but using this would not be known as a Nimslo format.

NTSC is a interlace video stream used mainly in the United States. The NTSC is made up from 525 horizontal lines that play at a rate of 30 frames per second.

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