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A vectograph is a form of polarization-coded stereograms which were originally created by the Polaroid company. The images in a vectograph are mounted at the front and rear of a transparent base, and are then viewed by using polarized light or by using polarized filters. It is the polarized version of an anaglyph stereograph.

Verascope format
Please see ‘Progression format’.

View Magic is the name of a commercial stereo print viewing system which uses angled mirrors, similar to that of a periscope. It is used for over and under mounted prints, and it is now the name being used to identify this mounting format.

This is the proprietary name of a stereo transparency image display and viewing system that uses seven stereo pairs mounted in a circular rotating holder, and they are viewed with a specifically made stereo viewer.

View-Master personal format
This format is used with a ‘Viewmaster personal camera’. It produces two rows of chips which are about 18x10mm per roll of 35mm film. They were used with a cutter to make view master reels for personal use. This however is not the same method that is used today for the mass marketed reels manufactured by Fisher Price.

Virtual reality
Virtual Reality or VR is a system of computer generated three dimensional images viewed with a headset which is linked to the computer in use, and it incorporates left and right eye electronic displays. The controlling software will allow the user to interact with the environment by allowing them to move and to see the 360° scene surrounding them. It also allows the user to grasp virtual objects in the environment through the technology of an electronically linked hand set. Despite the environment letting you see all sides of an object by moving and rotating it, you actually are only seeing dimensions at one time.

Vision can be defined as the act of interpreting and perceiving visual information.

VRML stands for ‘Virtual Reality Markup Language’. VRML are a set of standards for spinography software. Images are not really found to be VR.

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