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3D making it bigger with new announcement

We are continually proud of the growth that 3D has been having and now another 3D company is making it even bigger.

Living 3D Holdings, Inc., announced today that it has acquired Living 3D Holdings, Ltd., a privately held company (“Living 3D”), focused on the marketing and sale of 3D image display devices in China.

Living 3D, which is based in China, is in the development stage and has concentrated on the markets for 3D touch pads, 3D indoor and outdoor light emitting diode (LED) displays and 3D televisions. These products are based on “auto stereoscopic 3D” technology, or auto 3D, meaning that viewers are not required to wear 3D glasses in order to experience the 3D effects of the screen, and instant switching between two dimensional, or 2D, and 3D viewing is enabled.

Living 3D’s image display devices are designed and manufactured by third parties using original equipment manufacturer parts and the technology and know-how of two of its directors and officers. While its sales to date have focused on customers utilizing its products in media and advertising, 3D display products are applicable in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, education, consumer electronics, medical diagnosis and scientific research. Living 3D has conducted limited sales marketing efforts to date. All of its sales have been to government and research entities and educational institutions in China and consisted of large 3D LED displays (approximately three by three meters), 3D TV’s and 3D panels.

Living 3D was incorporated on June 23, 2008 in the British Virgin Islands and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company on December 8, 2011 when its shareholders purchased 3,627,426 shares of common stock from certain shareholders of the Company and exchanged all of their shares in Living 3D for 62,590,880 shares of common stock of the Company. After the transactions, the shareholders of Living 3D own approximately 95% of the Company’s issued and outstanding common stock. In connection with the transaction, Jimmy Kent-Lam Wong, Chang Li, Kin Wah Ngai and Lin Su, all of whom are principal shareholders of the Company, became our directors and officers, replacing our former board of directors and officers. Mr. Wong is the new Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Li is the Chief Technology Officer; Mr. Ngai is the Chief Financial Officer; and Mr. Su is the Secretary.

At the point of the acquisition, the Company had no operations and was seeking new business opportunities. It was originally named Concrete Casting Incorporated (under which name its stock is now traded), had changed its name to AirWare International Corp. in July 2010 and finally had changed its name to Living 3D Holdings, Inc. in September 2011.


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