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3D Movies of the 1970s

  • The Magnificent Bodyguards | 1978
  • A*P*E | 1976
  • Dynasty | 1976
  • Lollipop Girls in Hard Candy | 1976
  • Revenge | 1976
  • Surfer Girls | 1976
  • A Man with a Maid 1975
  • Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein | 1974
  • Asylum of the Insane | 1973
  • Domo Arigato | 1972
  • Three Dimensions of Greta | 1972
  • Captain Milkshake | 1971


1 comment on “1970s

  1. Al ~

    Nice list. Are you just listing features, or shorts too? For example, in 1976, StereoVision released the short “The Wild Ride”, which also happened to be the first over-and-under film to use both the StereoVision and the StereoScope 3D camera optical systems.

    This listing looks to be correct. Be careful with names of features released by StereoVision from 1960 to 2000. Chris Condon used to frequently re-cut his films, and re-issue the same content under different names. For example, “Surfer Girls” and “The Great Kahouna” were essentially the same film. He liked to take scenes from various productions (including outtakes) and splice them together, then giving this melange montage a new name. He was sort of the “King of the AKA”.

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