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  1. Tim on

    Adobe, tell me it isn’t so!

    A quick search of the PDF for the upcoming Adobe Premiere CS6 fails to find any mention of 3D editing functions. (http://success.adobe.com/assets/en/downloads/guides/Pr_CS6_WN_Reveal.pdf) even though there is limited 3D editing capability in the previous release of After Effects (CS5.5).

    If Adobe has failed to include 3D editing in Premiere CS6 this is truly disappointing, and possibly a serious omission in view of the stereo editing functions available in the upcoming Edius 6.5 as well as current versions of Sony Vegas and NEO3D. Time will tell, with expectations of more pre release details I’m personally predicting as soon as Monday (4.16.2012).

    I hope I’m wrong but so far it doesn’t look good for 3D in Adobe CS6.


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