3D Downloads

Original 3D Content from 3DGuy Productions | 3D Trailers brought to you by 3D Entertainment News and 3doo

Stunning, exotic and never-seen-before 3D content shot by Al Caudullo and his team using all or one of the following:

  • 3D Samurai Parallel/Side-by-side Rig
  • 3D Beamsplitter / Mirrored 3D Rig
  • Panasonic AG-3DA1 Professinal 3D Camera
  • Panasonic HDZ 10000
  • GoPro Hero2 and Hero3 on 3DGuy Custom 3D Rig

Watch like you are there! 

4 comments on “3D Downloads

  1. Steve Sywak on

    Sony Vegas Pro V10 and newer will handle the 3D output to Blu-Ray. Not so sure if they’ll be able to pull apart your interlaced source, though.

  2. Pat Connor on

    Hi Al. Great stuff on the Hoover Dam. I was just there in mid May and shot a ton of video using my Sony TD10. I also have a lot of older 3-D footage shot with the Toshiba 3-D camcorder from the late 80’s using the interlaced method. I’d like to get this stuff onto Blu-Ray 3-D but don’t know if there are any programs that will do that. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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