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“Al you are the greatest and in terms of evangelizing 3D, you’ve changed the world…” – Sandy Climan, CEO, 3ality Digital Studios was created in April 2008 by Explore Media Group to be one of the leaders in 3D Media. aims to bring you 3D technology news, original 3D video content and information on everything happening in the world of 3D.

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Al Caudullo
Owner,Stereographer, Executive Producer
Skype: Al.Caudullo

Sompao Caudullo
Associate Producer | Thailand

Tiffany Caudullo
Director of Operations, Las Vegas Office

Eric Martin
Assistant Editor, Cameraman

Rhem Santos
Production Asssitant/ PR Relations

Editorial Staff

Al Caudullo – Editor

Gaurie Joy – Writer

Elizabeth Williams – Writer

Tiffany Caudullo – Writer

Rhem Santos – Writer

Bee Sompao – Contributor

12 comments on “About Us

  1. i watched Blu ray 3d monster vu aliens in my samsung 3d tv, after i bought 3d bluray polar express, my samsung glass dosen’t work, i used two colour 3d glass to wach 3d format. whats the solution and what else Blu ray 3d movie are in the market

  2. AIX Records is a small audiophile label that includes video of our sessions on our DVDs and Blu-ray releases. In early June, we were able to secure 4 of the new Panasonic cameras and shoot 6 full albums in 3D audio and 3D video. I’m in the post production phase on these but the preliminary results are amazing.

    Most people think it’s all about movies, sports, special events and music concerts…but AIX Records will be bringing the concept of “3D Music Albums” to Blu-ray 3D in the fall. We hope also to make our programs available to 3D capable broadcasters.

    Very cool site…we’re all in the learning phase and you’ve been very helpful.


    Mark Waldrep
    AIX Records

  3. Hello,

    We’re a small production company looking into shooting another small film and would love to go 3D with it. I know Pana has a 3d model coming out later this year, but even if it were available, the $21k price is a bit steep for us. Can you recommend where to go or can your company “build” us a working 3D system?

    We’d love to hear back from you and appreciate your time.

    Chris Hood

  4. I am updating the book that I published on stereoscopy, “L’image en relief” (in French) about twenty years ago. I would like to add a link to your stereo glossary, but I need your name in order to refer to it. And I find no name in your website. Who are you?

  5. Hello,

    I am working with a company who just announced 3D audio personal surround sound chairs for home theater applications called BodySound Technologies and we’d love to send you information on our chairs and possibly a demo unit. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

    Ashley Daigneault
    BodySound Technologies

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