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  1. Hello,
    My 3d application is not for film making, but for some architectural concepts I am developing. I want to feed a “box” two video signals and have the box output a signal that could be sent to a monitor or be recorded. This image would be 3d compatible with shutter glasses. Does this hardward exist? And where would I get it? Thanks

    • They are a few questions about what you are trying to do before I can give you an accurate answer.
      If you are doing this from a PC, what program are you using? What types of outputs does it provide?
      It could be as simple as outputting to an NVidia 3D capable graphics card or you may need a dedicated specialty card connected to a Aja Hi-5 3D or a Grass Valley AVC-G3.
      Please send more info and I would be happy to assist.

  2. Hi all…
    I apparently don’t understand your website. Are your 3d anaglyph movies available to download and/or watch on line. If so, how do I access them and is there a fee for either the download or on-line viewing?
    Please advise. Thank you very much

    • Our 3D videos are available in a number of ways.
      First, they have been licensed around the world to numerous 3D TV stations.
      Second, they will soon be available on owners of LG and Samsung 3DTV’s on the apps built into the sets. Third,we have 3 different 3D Blu-rays for sale in Europe.
      Lastly, visit our YouTube Channel where you can watch 3D on our 3D YouTube Channel. Look for “Exploreworldtv”
      As a YouTube partner we are working on putting full episodes online for rent. We will keep you up to date when that happens.

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