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After The Smoke Clears at NAB


NAB 2013 was a tour de force of 4K bliss. Leading the pack was Sony with its 4K alter high-definition experience; the new XBR – 55X 900A, a 55 inch and the XDR 65X 900A, a 65 inch 4K ultra HD LED TVs were just were on display along with the leaders in the back of affordable 4K, the Sony F5 and F55 4K Ultra HD cameras.


Trailing right behind that and making a very large splash was the Blackmagic 4K Cinema Camera for only $3995 and it’s small cousin, the pocket-size MFT camera with a super 16 sensor that shoots RAW video for only $995. There’s a lot of potential there! 3DGuy is in touch with Blackmagic to try and get hands-on for a review of both cameras.

In the, “I got $110,000 to spend on a camera category”, the Phantom Flex 4K offers up to 1000 frames per second for the resolution of 4096 x 2160. Drop back to 2K and the Phantom Flex shoots up to 2000 FPS. Available with PL, TV, Nikon F/G and Canon EF powered lenses.

ARRI was on hand to roll out their new XT line of cameras. In a joint project with Ikegami they also displayed a new large-format super 35 broadcast camera. But no 4K.


Photo Credit: RED

RED tried not to be outdone by having an on-site clean room where they let everyone watch upgrades being done to install the Dragon 6K processor. They also outline a Scarlet upgrade path.


Grass Valley--GV-Director-NAB-3D-Al-3DGuy

Grass Valley weighed in with the GV Director™, a nonlinear life production system, LDX flex™ software upgradable camera, the GV-eLicense program and the XCU™(eXchangeable control unit) base station. Grass Valley  is leading the way with better ways to produce television and pro video.


Well, 4K’s shining 3D offerings were still plentiful to be found. 130 exhibitors showcased stereoscopic 3D products. Way too many for me to list here but I’ll quickly summarize the ones that I thought were the most important.


P + S Technik showed off a prototype of a compact mirrorless side-by-side stereo camera system with the working title of ASP 3D. The camera is designed to be an affordable lightweight, fully automated stereo system, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Fraunhofer, Carl Zeiss , KUK Film Production. This camera has some serious potential built-in.


Meduza Systems, developer of  Titan 3D professional camera system showed off a Mirror Module and the Mobile Multi-Camera system.
The Mirror Module is a simple click-on attachment for the Titan which gives the camera the ability to deliver an Inter Axial from 0 to 110 mm.


Our friend, Florian Maier with Stereotec was on hand showing off his Lightweight Rig Premium with a complete 11 access motorization driven control system that gives live automatic alignment  solutions to 3D shooting. The Nano Rig considered to be the smallest 3D mirror rig available was also on hand.


GoPro, an extreme shooters dream, teased us all with some 2.7 K 3D stereo footage shot with the new Hero 3. While we were hoping they would debut the new sync cable and 3D housing,  3DGuy was assured that we’re on the way and would be available soon. More on that as the news breaks.


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DJI  located just behind GoPro kept everybody hopping and excited with a specially outfitted Phantom quad copter that was designed to carry a  GoPro Hero 3 camera into the skies. 3DGuy is eagerly awaiting the delivery of his Phantom to test out the Hero 3 in 3D.


Pretend LLC opting to be housed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel instead of the convention center showed off its Steroid Stereographic 3D software at $995 plus a look at Pseudo, a new Stereoscopic tool.


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Sisvel Technology demonstrated their 3D Z Tile Format for improved glasses free viewing. Sisvel Technology’s technology boost the performance of glasses free 3D TVs and is compatible with 2-D high definition sets making the choice seamless for viewers. Sisvel has chosen 3D Guy’s content to be used for showing off this new format.


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And of course Dolby combined with Phillips and Cameron Pace Group, gave us a look at the future of 3D displays for the home. Their auto stereoscopic 3D TV offered an extremely wide angle of view and beautiful, if someone subdued, 3D effect. This is what the public has been clamoring for.

By: Al Caudullo, The 3DGuy

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