Call for Entries: I LOVE 3D! I WANT 3D!

i love 3d i want 3d everybody wins submissions 2013

Here are the “official entries”. You can still submit yours! There is no submission deadline. Just make sure you’ll get the highest number of VOTES! Now go and get yours done. Good luck! (Just want to VOTE? Click the image.)

The I LOVE 3D! I WANT 3D! Everybody Wins Contest has begun. Don’t miss the fun guys! Submitting an entry is so easy that you can use even your mobile phone camera!

It doesn’t have to be 3D. It can be a photo or a video! What’s more? If you show off your creativity and you’ll be picked, a 3D camcorder awaits you!

And don’t forget, EVERYBODY WINS! So by entering, you’reĀ  guaranteed to wins some 3D merchandise.

More about the contest can be found here.


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