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Director of Dimension 3 Expo

While at the Dimension 3 Expo outside of Paris, France in early June of this year, Executive Producer, Al Caudullo, interviewed the director of the Dimension 3 Expo, Stephan Faudeux, for 3DGuy. The Dimension 3 Expo 2009 (June 2-4) was an international forum on Stereoscopic 3D that has been organized by Advance Rapide Communication for the last 3 years now. With an attendance of only  200 people in 2007and only 300 people in 2008, this year’s D3 Expo brought out 1,200 people from 25 countries with an increase in 3D  programs, bilingual training sessions on 3D production, key speakers, and technical and cultural expertise at Pantin’s Centre national de la Danse, just 5 minutes outside of Paris, France. Dimension 3 Expo targets three markets: the professionals who are working in 3D, training for people in 3D, and the consumer who wishes to watch in 3D. This brought together conferences, master classes, pro workshops, and pro exhibitions for the 3D Professional; a talent marketplace and training campus for 3D Training; and a complete 3D immersion, discovery, and festival for the public and 3D Consumer.  Dimension 3 (D3) is all about stereoscopic 3D in all markets, movies, broadcasting, visualization, gaming, and more and includes small and large companies, the consumer and the professional, the user and the newbie alike. It is a place to experience 3D in an environment of consumers, gamers, producers, and professionals unlike anything you normally have the opportunity to experince. We look forward to next years D3 Expo in France! A little more about the director of Dimension 3: Stéphan Faudeux has hosted over 150 talks on new audio-visual technologies, especially on High-Definition and digital cinema. In August of 2003 he joined Avance Rapide, which works with all professional actors in the Media & Entertainment field, companies, public organizations and institutions. He is founder and CEO of the Club HD. Since 2004, the Club HD has developed a French and European environment for reflection on High-Definition and its technical, creative and financial implications on the production and post-production chain.

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