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Disney release 3D iPad app

In a clever marketing move, Disney have included a 3D application for the Apple iPad to accompany the theatrical release of their latest 3D likely blockbuster Toy Story 3 on Thursday.

Bringing 3D effects to the popular iPad medium will perhaps open the gateway for similar 3D endeavours in the future, although the need for glasses, which have been made available at Disney Store locations nationwide to view this app, is a potential hindrance.

Featuring the characters from the likely box office smash, the app includes a story with 3D effects as well as 3D minigames involving  Buzz and Woody, puzzles, interactive coloring pages, and sing-along songs. There are surprises hidden throughout the app, such as touch-activated sound effects. Children and parents can also record their own voices reading the story and then play the recordings back.

“Toy Story 3″ for iPad is $8.99, and the purchase includes a one-month subscription to, which is an $8.95 value.


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