Exclusive Grass Valley Edius 3D Training

By now you know that Grass Valley Edius 3D is available to all.  You may even be aware that the 3DGuy has been beta testing this great new 3D software and has edited many of his 3D videos with it.


Al Caudullo, the 3DGuy, with Edius 3D


But, you may not know that the 3DGuy has created a series of eight (8) tutorials on how easy it is to use Grass Valley Edius 3D. Based on performance, features and price, Edius 3D outperforms everything else in the market and is the “all time best 3D editing software”.



The new 3D editing features include: native support for 3D video clips captured with the most popular 3D cameras (including Panasonic, Sony and JVC), easy clip pairing for synching left eye/right eye clips, plus an array of tools on the editing timeline that make 3D adjustments quick (no transcoding is necessary) and easy. Functions available in 2D are also supported in 3D, such as realtime color correction, keying, transitions and multicam editing. Invaluable 3D tools including :



3D clips supported natively, even up to 4K


3D clip pairing, easy and automatic, but with the ability to adjust difficult pairings manually.


3D clip adjustment, including automatic convergence. One button control with easy keyframing tools


3D preview monitoring, output to most major 3DTV’s including Panasonic and LG


3D multi-camera editing, amazing up to 16 camera set up available.


So now you know what it can do. Have a look at the videos to see how to do it. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for reference.




Part 1 – Creating and organizing your project.

Part 2 – Source Browser, Importing Clips, and Setting up Stereoscopic Pairs (Panasonic AG3DA1)

Part 3 – Setting Up Stereoscopic Pairs (Sony TD10E and Nano Flash 3D)

Part 4 – Setting Up Stereoscopic Pairs (GoPro 3D) and Adjusting GoPro 3D

Part 5 – Stereoscopic Adjuster and Layouter

Part 6 – Stereoscopic Mode and Floating Stereoscopic Window

Part 7 – Multicam and Exporting Your Project

Part 8 – Quick Titler, Filters, and Effects