Faces of the Flood: Bangkok 2011 (Full Version)


The recent flooding in Thailand has covered a vast territory encompassing an area equivalent to a third of Texas. Over two million people have been directly affected, losing their homes, jobs, and even access to clean drinking water and adequate food supplies. Our cameras had the opportunity to visit one of the hardest hit areas of the flood, Lamlukka in Pathum Thani province. It documents the devastation in and around the area and serves as a small example of what the Thai people have faced, from the country’s central provinces to the Gulf of Thailand.


Because we feel that the release of this film footage is important to document the devastating Bangkok flood of 2011 and generate immediate assistance for its victims, we have decided to make the footage available immediately on YouTube. Nevertheless, your contribution to help the people of Lamlukka, where most of this film was shot, is urgently needed. To make a contribution, you can go directly to our website and pay for the download. All funds go directly to the purchase of relief supplies and materials to help those most in need rebuild their homes and reconstruct their lives. The video will also be available on 3deeCentral.com and 3DVisionLive.com.


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