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How 3D Works?


How does 3D work?

3D is back! This is not your father’s 3D. This is a technologically advanced 3D that once you see it you WILL want to see more! It seems like everywhere we look 3D movies, TV shows in 3D, even 3D for your iPhone!!!

But, there are as many questions as there are 3D applications. How does 3D work? What makes it different from 3D that came out before? What are all those different glasses? Can I watch 3D without glasses? The 3DGuy will try to answer those questions for you now!


First, a little history.

The first 3D started millions of years ago with man. Yes, we all see things in 3D. We have what is known a binocular vision. What that means is that we have two eyes spaced about 3 inches apart. This enables us to perceive depth and see the world in 3D. This separation causes each eye to see the world from a slightly different perspective. The brain combines these two views together. It understands the differences and uses them to calculate distance creating our sense of depth and ability to gauge distance.

A simple way to understand this principle is to hold your thumb up at arms length and cover one eye with your hand. Then try putting your hand over the other eye. As you switch between open eyes you should see your thumb “jumping” back and forth against the background.

Stereoscopy was invented in 1838. There is a lot of debate about the first 3D film but “L’arrivée du train” filmed in 1903 by the Lumière brothers. They were the inventors of cinema and it is often referred to as the first stereoscopic movie ever made. When it was released, audiences panicked because they thought the train was about to crash right into them! The funny thing about it is that it was probably on of the first remakes. The film was remade from the original that came out in 1895! And you wonder why Hollywood keeps remaking films. It’s practically born to it!

If you are like me then you probably experienced 3D for the first time in your life with that old Viewmaster viewer. You stuck that funny round thingy with the little slides on it into your Viewmaster, plastered your eyes to the two eyepieces…

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7 comments on “How 3D Works?

  1. I have samsung 55″ 3d purchased four weeks ago.
    Boiught from Amazon and price was lest than 55″ non 3d which appeared to be in short supply. Did not buy glasses or starter kid, frankly the only movie available Aliens is a kid’s movie – Avatar would have done.

    at least I have an advanced flat screen for a competitive. Dissapointed that the content providers are at their games and not releasing content avatar will be next year. Avatar 3d alone would cause a spike in flat screen sales. So for now like many others I have advanced technology for future use. Appreciate that Samsung and others took the bold step.

    I also changed to DishNetwork as Direct TV who i used for 18 years say too many trees in neighborhood for HD so i switched – Dishnetwork had no problems and felt the reception was super.

    Not all 3d companies are playing ball on this one but it looks like 3d will be available in millions of homes in the next year just waiting for content.
    we can thank samsung, panasonic etc for taking the leap forward.


  2. Where can I find out more about the equipment needed for a 3D theater
    Thank you

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