I want the best; I want it now…

Well if you’re talking 3D TV The 55-inch LG 55LX9500 3D TV is likely the best 3D LED LCD TV you can buy.  LG unveiled the LX9500, the world’s first full LED 3D HDTV, back in March. Now the first retailers in the United States are shipping the 55-inch 55LX9500 and the 47-inch 47LX9500.

The LG LX9500 is packing a ton of technology most notably full LED backlight and 480Hz refresh rate.

LG’s proprietary Full LED Slim technology elevates picture quality with LED backlighting that supports detailed local dimming for improved contrast and detail, while also allowing for a sleek frame with an ultra-slim .92-inch wide bezel for a virtually borderless look. The set itself measures less than an inch thick at its thinnest point. With up to 240 addressable LED segments (on the 55LX9500), this state-of-the-art HDTV provides deeper black levels, sharper colors and an overall uniform picture quality that typically could not be achieved on an ultra-thin set.

The 480Hz refresh rate is not to be found on other 3D LED TVs so far. Especially in 3D mode this is high refresh rate is beneficial as each eye is exposed to 240Hz image refresh in contrast to 120Hz on 240Hz TVs.

The LX9500 also offers NetCast Entertainment Access. This model is Wi-Fi enabled (adaptor required, sold separately), so online content can be accessed through a wireless connection to a home network. LG’s LX9500 series also incorporates LG’s unique “Magic Wand” remote system that provides an intuitive interaction with the set. The Magic Wand is similar to a Wiimote.

The LG 55LX9500 3D TV is listed for $3,999.98 on Vann’s (apparently you need to call to order), which is a cool $1,000 less than Best Buy wants for it.


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