Kamasutra 3D at Cannes 2013


Sherlyn Chopra’s debut film Kamasutra 3D’s SECOND trailer will be released at the prestigious Film de Cannes, film festival. Just how revealing the FIRST trailer is— I wonder what is left for the second!


All ready and set to attend, Sherlyn Copra, star of Kamasutra 3D,  and the entire crew would be present at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival from May 15-24, to celebrate the spirit of the gala event.


Kamasutra 3D is an upcoming international movie to be directed by Rupesh Paul. The film is based on Vātsyāyana’s Kama Sutra, the sacred Indian sex manual.The movie is all set in the backdrop of the real historical milieu and is produced under the banner of RPPL and is directed by Rupesh Paul. Cinematography will be done by Sapan Narula. It is an Indo-US coproduction movie.


Here’s Kamasutra 3D’s first trailer which has been a huge hit in Youtube! Video courtesy of  MOBILEWORLDCHAKIA. SUBSCRIBE  for Daily News updates (on our homepage) to be one of the firsts to see the 3D TRAILER (we’ll keep digging to find one for you guys!).




The story revolves around a young and beautiful Indian princess, who sets out on a voyage in search of her husband whom she got married to as a child.Amidst the extravaganzas of the most luxurious ship in the world, she goes through the most personal and transformative changes of body, mind and soul. An enigmatic fellow passenger — the god of good looks and the ‘Kamasutra’ master- introduces her to the forbidden world of sexual love and sensuality.





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