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Marshall Electronics at IBC made headline news

Moving up with the chain to hang with the bad boys of 3D, Marshall Electronics unveils their big new product at IBC this week.
One of the leading manufacturers of professional LCD monitors for Broadcast, Studio, and Television production, Marshall Electronics, is unveiling the world’s first autostereoscopic 3D 7-inch portable / camera-top monitor as we speak at the 2011 IBC in Amsterdam on from mow through September 13th. Not requiring passive or active glasses, the ORCHID® OR-70-3D lightweight 3D monitor can be used as a camera viewfinder or portable 3D production display. If you aren’t sure what is a viewfinder on a camera a quick search online can answer that.

In 2010, Marshall introduced the robust and highly-praised 3D-241- HDSDI 24-inch stereoscopic 3D LCD monitor, which is currently being used on a number of high-budget 3D projects around the world. The OR-70-3D is the latest addition to Marshall Electronics’ expanding lineup of 3D monitoring solutions. “Marshall continues to support the growth and expansion of global 3D production,” said Nathan Mordukhay, VP of Sales & Marketing. “The OR-70-3D is now the most versatile and technologically advanced 3D monitoring solution available to filmmakers and content producers.”

With its great screen resolution and perfect 3D calibration, the OR-70-3D provides dual real-time Waveform and Vectorscope for an intense 3D experience. And following in suit to the companies other portable monitors, this one also supports large battery adapters and 1/4″-20 mounting for mobility and flexibility.
This could be the mobile solution for 3D gurus around the world!
About Marshall Electronics
Marshall Electronics is a leading manufacturer of LCD rack mount and camera-top monitors for broadcast, multimedia, video, film, and news professionals worldwide. Marshall offers a large assortment of technology including 3D, IP cameras, audio monitors, professional microphones, outdoor field monitors, In-Monitor Display (IMD), Quad Viewers, converters, stand-alone post monitors, and more. Marshall’s on-board / jib monitors are the perfect solution for photographers and videographers using DSLR cameras to capture HD video. The majority of Marshall’s products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. The company remains dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service to customers.
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