NAB 3D Video Report: REDray 3D Projector

3DGuy, Al Caudullo went in search of the Best of NAB 2012.




The amazing RED Digital Video Camera has become synonymous with Hollywood Blockbusters with it’s 4K and now 5K cameras. Now they have turned their sights on both the Home Theater and Digital Cinema markets with the new REDray 4K projector. While the demo at NAB 2012 was just a teaser with the prototype projector only giving us a glimpse at a 2K image, nonetheless it was startlingly beautiful. No sparkles or fall off, just clean crisp amazing 3D images. This breakthrough product throws away the away the bulb and instead beams the image to the screen using lasers.


The REDray Theater offered us a 20 minute 3D sci-fi short called ‘Loom’ by Luke Scott, son of Ridley Scott. The film was shot using 2- RED Epic on an Element Technica Atom 3D Rig. Despite the current 2K limit, the projector displayed amazingly accurate color and excellent dynamic range, even in a very dark, heavily contrasted scene we coould see the image detail of the very dimly lit female actress, Jellybean Howie . Even the case looks like came from the futuristic sci-fi film.


The specs are equally futuristic with both 2D and 3D, up to 120fps in 3D, a T1.8 50mm lens, an internal SSD hard drive, a SD card slot, USB socket, and two of HDMI ports and 7.1-channel audio output. The laser will reported last a whopping 25,000 hours with a cost for the Home Theater unit of just under $10,000.


The REDray produces Full 2K or 4K images to both eyes while only utilizing passive 3D glasses. So don’t get rid of those Oakley 3D glasses, you can use them with your new REDray Home Theater system. RED expert Ted Shilowitz shows us the features of this amazing Home & Digital Cinema Projector. This is truly a game changer for the entire industry.


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By: Al Caudullo

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