SAE Offering 3D Stereoscopic Courses in 2012

Filmmakers and amateurs alike can satisfy their hunger for the latest technology in filmmaking with 3D Stereoscopic cinematography.

SAE Institute Thailand is ready to take the leap, bringing students to the edge and equipped them with the tools and knowledge of this growing industry. The course duration is three weeks, 11 lessons, three hours each and receive the SAE Institute’s International Certification upon completion. Underwater Stereoscopic 3D is one of the courses you may take which features not only the technical skills, but the chance to travel to Thailand’s best diving destinations, Ko Chang and Ko Tao. These 3D courses are taught by no other, but our very own 3DGuy, Al Caudullo and partner, Dorn Ratanathatsanee. Have fun and learn from the best the industry has to offer.


For more information, visit this page.

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