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Stereoscopic 3D Video

We took our video interview from the Dimension 3 Expo in Pantin, France, just outside of Paris, with Neil Schneider, founder of Meant To Be Seen (MTBS) 3D, an Internet forum on Stereoscopic 3D, and converted the video clip to Stereoscopic 3D. This is how we did it and the two versions we created: We used a combination of 2D and 3D in the finished video. The original interview was shot in 2D High-Definition  on a Sony PMW EX3. The original edit was done using Grass Valley Edius Broadcast Pro 5.01. Music background was created using Sonicfire Pro SmartSound 5.1. We utilized Spatial View Stereo plugin for After Affects CS4. The opening and closing graphics were added to the line along with the 2D video. We then added an adjustment layer and loaded the plugin to the adjustment layer. Spatial View 3D-to-Stereo conversion allowed us to layer the 3D in multiple parallax views. In addition, Spatial View allows us to view the conversion in Anaglyph or any number of side-by-side or top-and-bottom Stereo views. We utilized Anaglyph to make the initial adjustments and fine tune the 3D variables. We then rendered out each of the video segment – the open, the interview, and the close – separately in both Anaglyph and half-side-by-side formats. We then stiched these three together using Edius Broadcast Pro. Finally, using Adobe CS4 Media Encoder, we used the Apple TV720p setting for outputting our final MP4’s which were then uploaded to YouTube and our FTP server. The half-side-by-side format is compatible with both iZ3d and Zalman Trimon 3D LCDs. Right click to download our Side-by-Side Stereographic 3D video here. Watch the 3D Anaglyph version via our ExploreMediaGroup YouTube Channel and also above this post.

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