Tek Toyz: Nimble Offers Free CRM to 50+ Leading Startup Accelerators

Santa Monica, CA (March 4, 2013) – Nimble, the pioneering social relationship management platform, announced that it is launching an ongoing program for startup accelerators worldwide. As part of its corporate commitment to nurturing technology startups, Nimble is offering a complimentary 2-user premium version of Nimble with 100 GB additional storage for 12 months (an $1800 value).


“Global future financial growth is dependent on successful technology startups,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO, Nimble. “Young startups are traditionally early adopters of new technology and business practices, and are the ideal candidates to use Nimble and our social business best practices to effectively scale their brands and turn relationships into revenue. With Nimble, teams can collectively engage with partners, prospects and customers and turn social conversations into business opportunities.”


It’s not just prospects and customers that will bring about success in today’s social business environment. Entrepreneurs need to build a professional support network of influencers, analysts, editors, bloggers, and partners. Nimble’s founder, Ferrara, has successfully built two global technology companies, including GoldMine Software, a pioneering CRM company. He achieved this by building teams who scaled brands and nurtured relationship networks. Now he wants to share the secrets that helped him build his own young companies into successful brands.


Nimble customer and hot startup Little Bird helps marketers, content strategists, and PR people discover key influencers on Twitter faster and better than ever before. Little Bird’s proprietary technology finds and ranks influencers by analyzing connections among people.


“We selected Nimble because it has social profile integration baked in so we can really understand our contacts,” said Marshall Kirkpatrick, CEO and founder of Little Bird. “We love how Nimble makes it easy to make sure that everybody on our team is aware of their interests and activity online and the history of our interactions with our customers and contacts.”


One of the companies that supports startups worldwide is the DEMO Conference. DEMO conferences have earned a reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies, and have served as a launchpad for emerging technologies and trends. Nimble is a proud DEMO God winner and will be providing the startups presenting at this year’s conference with complimentary Nimble premium software.


“The best startups tirelessly work to promote their brands,” said Neal Silverman, Senior Vice President, DEMO. “I like the approach Nimble is taking, providing an engagement platform that allows them to switch message and platform as appropriate, automatically connecting the conversations the entire company is having with their community to the contacts they’re having them with. Nimble gives them that and more.”


Nimble is partnering with over fifty leading startup accelerators, including TechStars, Y Combinator, DEMO, Global Accelerator Network, LaunchPad LA, Startup Boot Camp, Springboard, Brandery, F6S, MuckerLab, Chinaccelerator, 10xelerator (10x) and StartupYard.


All startups backed by our growing list of accelerators are welcome to take advantage of the complimentary offer of a 2-user premium version of Nimble with 100 GB additional storage for 12 months (an $1800 value). If your accelerator is not currently partnered with Nimble, please contact us at info@nimble.com.



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