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Sky 3D has been the UK’s only dedicated 3D television channel since its launch in 2010 and TechRadar caught up with Sky 3D head John Cassy as Formula 1 was given the 3D treatment in a one-off experiment.


Cassy – a former journalist who previously headed up Sky Arts – talked extensively about the progress of 3D, the coming of UHD television and the growing role of on-demand.


TechRadar: Can you update us on how Sky 3D has progressed since its launcha few years ago?

Cassy: We’re in very good shape really. We went on air in October 2010 and since then we have grown very well, if you look at where the launch of HD was at this stage in its life, we’re not far away. If you were to speculate at the number of homes that have 3D, the figure that often surfaces [400k] is about right.


And how many of those homes are actually watching 3D?

Cassy: It’s driven by events as much as anything. We’ve evolved our strategy to focus on the key events so, as an example, Sunday [had] F1 testing, then over to the North London derby and then Got to Dance – the Sky One’s reality show – that’s three different big shows, all live and all in 3D.


And all different audiences as well, we’d imagine.

Cassy: They are distinctive enough. Movies are one of the other key areas and we’ve had a series of landmark documentaries voiced by Sir David Attenborough like the Penguin King, Meerkats 3D and Galapagos 3D. The latter did very well for us in 3D and it’s one of the special treats.


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