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Volfoni brings new 3D to your home

Looking forward to what 3D may be come, CinemaCon in Las Vegas proved to bring a jewel into the 3D cinema field!

For the first time ever, Volfoni’s passive 3D polarization modulator, SmartCrystal Cinema, that was displayed at the 2012 CinemaCon, Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, on April 23-26.

Derived from “Surface Switching” technology developed by the research and development team of Volfoni, SmartCrystal Cinema was entirely designed and manufactured in Europe, and was recently approved by Walt Disney Studios in February 2012. After the success of their line of active 3D systems and active 3D EDGE glasses, Volfoni now becomes one of the few companies in the world offering both active and passive 3D products.

SmartCrystal Cinema allows for the most beautiful 3D imagery on the market, in terms of both brightness and color quality. The Volfoni polarizer will be available in two different motorized models: a vertical model (on wheels for speedy travel to other cinema rooms) and a horizontal model (made to fit to specific installation configurations). Both models are equipped with cooling systems.

Available in June 2012, SmartCrystal Cinema works with all cinema projectors up to 7 kW, and is completely compatible with high frequency / high frame rate content (192hz HFR). SmartCrystal Cinema is recommended for silver screens up to 66 feet wide (20 meters) and can be controlled locally (2D/3D), by remote automation, or by a remote control center (NOC: Network Operation Center).

“SmartCrystal Cinema is one of the most high-quality products in its class. It’s easy to install, competitively priced, available without licensing, and covered by a 3-year warranty, with possible 2-year extension. Strongly positioned in the worlds of active and passive technology, Volfoni is also working on specific and original commercial offers” said Jerome Testut, Managing Director of Volfoni Americas.

Volfoni will be presenting at the 2012 CinemaCon in Las Vegas, inside Caesar’s Palace, Augustus Ballroom, Booth 2015 as well as inside the Caesar’s Palace ballroom suite Neopolitan 3, which showcases companies within the organization 3DConsumer.

Source: Press Release

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