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What happened to Magic Bullet Suite?

Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite has been reorganized into the new Shooter Suite and Color Suite, and its new BulletProof application has been released. Shooter Suite includes BulletProof, PluralEyes, and other tools for footage prep and delivery.

What’s more?

Get Film Stock Emulation and Real-Time Playback now with the newest Magic Bullet Suite 12!

We are a huge fan of Colorista! It offers much more advanced features like a keyer, HSL wheels, and secondary corrections. With the new version that is GPU-powered, you can now get better playback performance.

“Magic Bullet Suite 12 is a return to our roots: powerful color correction with a focus on a simple and enjoyable user experience,” comments Nate Sparks, Magic Bullet Suite product manager. “We stepped back and looked at every feature introduced over the years and asked, ‘How can this be better?’ Every tool has been optimized for the GPU, providing real time rendering and so much more.”


What’s New?

Magic Bullet Suite 12 is packed with new tools and other product updates. New features in Magic Bullet Looks include 198 new Looks presets based off of popular films and TV shows, as well as nine new tools – like the color space tool, 4-way color tool, and the film negative and film print tools. Colorista III has been streamlined dramatically, and now integrates beautifully with Adobe Creative Cloud’s new masking and automatic tracking features, making multi-layered, masked corrections easier than ever. The all-new Magic Bullet Film gives footage the look of real motion picture film by emulating the entire photochemical process – from the original film negative, to color correction and finally to the print stock. For a full list of new tools and features available in the Magic Bullet Suite 12, visit http://www.redgiant.com/products/magic-bullet-suite/.

Red Giant Adorama Production Bundle: includes Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks V1.5, Text Anarchy V2.4 Software, Software for PC/Mac

“Every filmmaker I know takes color seriously. But they also work with deadlines and ever-changing client demands.” says Stu Maschwitz, creative director, Magic Bullet Suite. “Powerful color correction should not mean having to leave your editing timeline. And don’t tell your client this, but it can also be really fun.”


And the videos you should not miss

No Red Giant launch would be complete without an entertaining launch film, and this iteration brings in none other than No Film School favorite Patton Oswalt as narrator. Watch below:

Here’s the behind-the-scenes. There are a lot more VFX than you’d think! Are you now excited to grab your Magic Bullet Suite 12??