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Wiki Leaks Exclusive: YT 3D Fix Revealed


Without the TAG.

Over the last couple of weeks, many of you have noticed that Youtube has been having a sizing problem with 3D videos. The 2D videos worked fine but 3D videos are all shrunk even in FULL SCREEN MODE.

It kind of looks like “picture in picture without the extra picture”. Since all we could do is post to the support forums, almighty Google has been mysteriously quiet. It all seems to have started with some kind of change in processing 3D videos. I feel safe in saying somebody at Youtube has been asleep at the wheel. One has to wonder how do you make changes and not to check your results? Youtube, we love you! You’ve done a great service to the 3D community by giving us a place to post our 3D videos. But when you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

While the problem still apparently has not been solved, we at 3DGuy has found a work around. If you insert this statement into your TAGS…


…add it and magically, all your “shrunken” 3D problems will go away!

I do hope Youtube makes a permanent fix but in the meantime, you can but to enjoying your 3D videos in full screen.


With the TAG.